8/4/2017 Wilson 231 @ LoJac Sobriety
8/4/2017 Rutherford Warrior East fof 99 Sobriety
8/4/2017 Williamson 431 @ 840 Sobriety
8/11/2017 Montgomery Hwy 48 @ South of Hawkins Road Sobriety
8/11/2017 Rutherford Warrior Drive seat belt
8/11/2017 Williamson Arno @ SR 840 seat belt

8/11/2017 Wilson Hartsville Pike @ Beasley Bend Road seat belt
8/18/2017 Dickson Hwy 70 @ Montomgery Bell Sobriety
8/18/2017 Rutherford Warrior East of 99 Sobriety
8/22/2017 Davidson Hobson Pike @ Priest Lake Bridge seat belt
8/23/2017 Davidson 3220 Bell Road Sobriety
8/25/2017 Robertson Hwy 76 @ New Hall Road Sobriety
8/25/2017 Cheatham OCP @ Bearwallow Road DL
8/25/2017 Montgomery Hwy 79 @ West of Paula Drive Sobriety
8/25/2017 Rutherford Warrior Drive seat belt

Sobriety checkpoints are conducted to help stop impaired drivers. Checkpoints are one of the many traffic safety measures used to prevent DUI crashes. We ask Tennessee drivers to exercise caution and never drive while impaired.

DUI grant funding awarded by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office is provided with support and resources that help combat impaired driving, including training, equipment, and overtime pay for police officers conducting DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols.